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Most of the information in this Blog will be about the services  and  training Lead Generating Tools (LGT) provide.   Many people join LGT because of the Training, which initially was given free to everyone, but now it will only be given to those who are paid  subscribers.

People can still join Lead Generating Tools for free, but they will not get the training.  When they realise this and see what else they can get, i.e. everything they require to run an internet business they usually upgrade.

There are various levels that they can upgrade to.   To see what is provided on each level go to:  Lead Generating Tools.

Some of the topics that have been covered are:

Web Design
Squeeze Pages
Putting Codes on:

All of these will be looked at in depth in later posts.

Training is also provided via videos.    The owner Steve Swetman has recently purchased new servers and has altered to opening page.    After subscribing and logging into your back office, using the username and password you chose, you are told what is available to you. This varies according to what level you have are at.   As I am a Platinum member I will be using my opening page.  The first icon, at the top left hand corner, is a camcorder denoting Video Tutorials.   Next comes the places you can obtain  help, be told what is going on, is available, etc.   This will be looked at in a later post, under the heading Communication.

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